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  ShenZhen SuperBest Acrylic Product Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest factory for acrylic (PMMA) products in China. We have advanced equipment and machinery together with experienced technicians to guarantee the high quality and innovative products.
  Superbest have been exporter for 4 years, and  work with both small and large companies to design, develop and produce acrylic products including acrylic displays for cosmetics and jewelry, acrylic boxes, acrylic photo frames, acrylic awards, pop display stands, brochure holders, acrylic gifts, laser cut parts and more from start to finish. Most of our clients come to us with just an idea in their heads or a rough sketch. From there, we make a sample for their approval. Once all the necessary modifications have been made, the samples move to mass production.
  Call or E-Mail us for a quote on your specific needs.